Casambi Award

Night glow at the world’s only marble stadium

The decision of the Hellenic Olympic Committee for the design of the night lighting of the Stadium was taken in 2020. In March 2021 the HOC inaugurates the new lighting in the stadium. The lighting ceremony was attended by the President of the International Olympic Committee, Thomas Bach, among other distinguished guests. The following year, the stadium’s lighting won the Casambi Award in an international competition as the best project of 2022. The architectural design and implementation of the innovative and pioneering architectural lighting was undertaken by George Tellos, a leading designer. In addition to the impressive aesthetic effect, the lighting also contributed to reducing the environmental footprint, reducing light pollution and saving a high percentage of energy.

The conception and the way the lighting is applied in the Stadium, creates a magnificent view to the visitor at night. The magical charms of artificial light transform the stadium into a setting that stimulates the emotions and excites the imagination. The night-time effect of artificial lighting is decisive and contributes to enhancing the architectural and natural beauty of the monument and its surroundings. In essence, it is a nocturnal scenography and choreography of light, with respect to the ancient and contemporary history of the Panathenaic Stadium.